Terri Veneziale, MBA

VenezialeMs. Terri Veneziale began her career at Mayo Clinic in 2001. She is the Patient Experience Manager at Mayo Clinic in Florida. She also serves as Director of the Communication in Healthcare program and was one of its founding members. Ms. Veneziale functions as the site expert in patient experience. In partnership with the physician chair, she works closely with executive leadership to develop overall strategies and execute tactics across Mayo Clinic as a means of improving outstanding clinical service outcomes and results. Ms. Veneziale also represents Mayo Clinic Florida at the enterprise level and helps coordinate and analyze key features of clinical patient satisfaction and safety data to be utilized by clinical chairs and administrators.

As Director of the Communication in Healthcare (CIH) Program at Mayo Clinic in Florida, Ms. Veneziale collaborates with a team of physicians to develop multiple skills based curricula aimed at enhancing medical and non-medical communication throughout the institution. She is also instrumental in facilitating/teaching these ongoing innovative programs to clinical staff and assessing the impact on all clinical services. In addition, in 2013, she and the CIH physician team joined forces with MCF Safety Officer and facilitators of the Team-based Engagement initiative to help foster and advance a culture of teamwork and safety in clinical areas as they work to make their environment safer for patients and staff.

Ms. Veneziale transitioned into healthcare 15 years ago, bringing with her knowledge and skills acquired after devoting twenty years as a leader and change agent within the hospitality industry. These skills along with close collaborations with clinical leaders have led to a synergy of ideas leading to the development of groundbreaking patient experience and healthcare communication programs.