Laura Bennett, MSN, ARNP, CNM

“Emotions are information. Our ability as caregivers to be open, curious, non-judgmental and compassionate will help us remove fear and lead us to make true connections with the people we serve. Through the skills we teach at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, it is possible to remove judgment and see the speaker with acceptance and compassion.”


Laura A. Bennett, MSN, ARNP, CNM, connected with The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) through her participation in IHE’s communication in healthcare program while she was on active duty in the U.S. Navy. She joined the IHE faculty in 2015 after becoming a healthcare communication trainer for the Navy.

During her time on active duty, she was one of the first four women to serve on an aircraft carrier as ship’s company in 1993. She also cared for detainees as a nurse in Guantanamo Bay, and ran a portion of the military response for U.S. personnel and their families during the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan.

Now a retired naval officer, Laura held a variety of clinical, operational, and healthcare leadership roles during her 20 years of military service. While in the Navy, Laura developed evidence-based education and training programs to fill in gaps in formal healthcare training, alleviate burnout in healthcare staff, and build resilience in soldiers, sailors, and Marines.

Laura’s vision is to see people and organizations reach their highest and greatest potential for well-being and success, making her IHE work an extension of that philosophy and allowing her to reach people in high-impact, high-performance, high-burnout roles to develop optimal wellness and highly-effective leadership.

Laura is the founder of two community-building and health-promoting initiatives, Powerful Partnerships, and MindfulJax. Laura and her husband Matthew co-founded The Space Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

She’s a member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, Florida Council of Midwives, Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, and the American Red Cross. Laura is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she was commissioned as a Naval officer. She earned her Master’s degree at the University of Florida.

Her personal interests include spending time with her family, art, mindfulness, hiking, biking and yoga.

You can follow Laura on social media: @laurabenn8, laurabennettcnm (LinkedIn) and laurabennettassociates (Instagram and Facebook).