Denver IHE Regional Summit – Friday, October 6, 2017

The Regional Summit is fast approaching! If you would like to lead your organization toward impactful initiatives that improve communication, enrich the patient and caregiver experience, and inspire highly reliable teams, this summit is for you!

Hospitals and health systems can no longer focus solely on stripping out waste and reducing costs. A growing body of evidence shows that patient experience drives more than satisfaction: the human experience of care also adds value by enhancing quality and improving outcomes.

Clear, effective and relationship-centered communication is critical to creating a culture of excellence built on trust, teamwork, competence and compassion. A culture of excellence not only enables patient-centered care, it also maximizes the value of care patients and family receive and helps reconnect caregivers with their purpose in medicine.

During this session, we will focus on the following objectives:

1. Understanding the importance of effective caregiver communication in creating a culture of excellence for patients and caregivers alike

2. Understanding and practicing the art of reflective listening and leveraging its benefits in clinical and non-clinical encounters

3. Demonstrating communication techniques useful in building patient- and team-based relationships

4. Understanding and practicing the skills required to effectively and efficiently gather accurate information and jointly set an agenda

5. Understanding and practicing the skills of appreciation/gratitude as a means of restoring joy and resiliency to the practice of medicine

6. Understanding and practicing mindfulness/presence and its application in the healthcare setting

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