The Institute for Healthcare Excellence President and CEO William J. Maples M.D. Co-Founds National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare

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Medical Errors & Communication

As the complexity of medicine increases, there is a greater need for teams to work effectively together with the patient at the center of the team to maximize outcomes and safety. This requires a culture of trust where every member of the team feels safe to share what he/she is observing as the team navigates through a care pathway.  At the root of building this trust is effective, open, honest, and authentic communication between all members of the team.

It is estimated that up to 50% of preventable medical errors are related to a breakdown in communication, and in particular the first step of effective communication which is mindfulness/presence.  The key to decreasing preventable medical errors is to build a culture of safety which is rooted in effective, authentic, and compassionate communication. Get started today and contact us to see how we can work together to improve healthcare in America.