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The Institute for Healthcare Excellence and Compass Clinical Consulting Collaborate to Improve Patient Safety & Patient Care


The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE), a subsidiary of Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) is proud to announce a new collaboration with Compass Clinical Consulting.

“Compass Clinical Consulting provides thorough, thoughtful, and accurate reviews of leadership and clinical processes to help organizations deliver the safest and most effective care to the patients they serve,” said Dr. William Maples, IHE’s executive director and chief experience officer. “Solutions to improve identified gaps most often center on creating a patient-centered culture which embraces teamwork, trust, and compassion. Coupling the work that Compass delivers with the work IHE focuses on means developing a patient-centered healing culture that allows organizations to reach their goals and mission of providing excellent care to every patient every day.”

About Compass Clinical Consulting

Since 1979, Compass Clinical Consulting has helped hospitals and health systems improve patient safety and eliminate obstacles to providing safe, quality patient care. Compass brings about change by assuring compliance with patient safety-focused regulations and accreditation standards; implementing systemic operational improvement solutions to ensure safe patient care; and providing interim leadership that focuses on creating change leading to better care.

“Compass Clinical Consulting is excited to partner with The Institute for Healthcare Excellence and Professional Research Consultants,” said Kate Fenner, PhD, RN, Managing Director of Compass. “Through this partnership, we can advance our shared mission of improving the quality of patient care provided in today’s hospitals and health systems.”

As the “go-to” firm to assist with regulatory challenges, Compass guides clients through the successful resolution of issues, whether in a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) System Improvement Agreement or when a hospital has had to reapply for participation after decertification from Medicare/Medicaid. Compass has also helped numerous healthcare organizations prepare for initial certification surveys for new hospitals and validation surveys, as well as respond to Immediate Jeopardy citations—every one of which has been successful.

In addition to accreditation and compliance services, Compass places interim healthcare executives and clinical directors who enact change while establishing an environment of teamwork and trust at client organizations. Compass also provides performance improvement assistance in clinical areas—including ED, OR, and nursing department management—and clinical systems to improve patient safety and clinical operations. Recently, Compass has collaborated with several health systems to improve the care of behavioral health patients in the Emergency Department and create a safer environment of care for patients and staff.