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Experience Design Consultation at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

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Starizon collaborates with The Institute for Healthcare Excellence to impact Experience Design.

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE), a subsidiary of Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) is proud to announce a new member,  Starizon Studio. Together with IHE and the custom research knowledge of PRC, Starizon will provide world-class consulting that will help hospitals and health systems create cultures of excellence through Experience Design and Staging.

“People experience healthcare services, they make judgements based on those experiences, and this can impact their outcome. For this reason, we’ve decided that a collaboration with Starizon Studios will help our clients who want to create excellent healthcare experiences through expert staging and design consultations,” said Dr. William Maples, executive director and chief experience officer of IHE.

About Starizon Studio

Starizon Studio is dedicated to helping companies discover how their businesses can differentiate from competitors through Experience Design and Staging. Starizon is not made up of generalists in strategy – but specialists focused on bringing vibrant experiences to life for consumers, patients, employees and partners. Founded on the simple, yet powerful belief that all challenges will be met only through transformation, not incremental improvement, Starizon goes beyond the conventional to bring an unmatched level of vision and capability that supports clients in not only envisioning a new future, but in reaching it.

“Have you ever noticed how people who are creative ground breakers like to hang out with each other? Whether it’s an artist colony or a scientific research institute, a dance troupe or an entrepreneurs collaborative, people find encouragement, insight and enthusiasm when they gather with like-minded doers on the boundary of what’s possible.

“The same is true of companies, especially those who are committed to transformation, not just incremental improvement. That’s why the collaboration of PRC, IHE and Starizon Studio is so exciting. Through our collaboration on Experience Design and Staging we will take the future of work beyond satisfaction, beyond engagement, all the way to cultural vibrancy. That will create the revolution healthcare so desperately needs. We feel lucky to be a part of it,” said Gary Adamson, Chief Experience Officer of Starizon Studio.

Through the use of state-of-the-art interactive education technology, integration of leader-led immersions and application of its 6-I’s of Experience, Starizon Studio helps their clients create cultures of excellence and design industry transformation experiences for patients.

In our decades of work studying and applying Experience Design principles, we have discovered that in order to transform a company, you must first transform an individual. Often times, it is an organization’s culture that can be the biggest asset or the biggest barrier to transformation. For our clients to reach the future they seek, we help design world-class experiences for patients that are also supported by the creation of strong and vibrant company cultures. Because in order to transform the patient experience you must transform the employee experience as well.

About the Institute for Healthcare Excellence

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence is a collaboration of industry experts and thought leaders focused on improving the design of patient, family and caregiver experiences to create an environment of excellence. A wholly owned subsidiary of Professional Research Consultants, Inc., its centerpiece initiative is led by Dr. William Maples. The institute strives to improve quality and safety in healthcare through clear and effective communication, helping create a culture of trust, compassion and competence resulting in excellent patient experiences.

About Professional Research Consultants, Inc.

Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) brings excellence to healthcare through custom market research. It remains the largest privately held market research firm dedicated solely to the healthcare industry. In addition to being a certified vendor for government-mandated CAHPS surveys, PRC also provides custom research services that measure community perceptions, brand positions, patient experience, physician alignment and employee engagement. PRC also conducts community health needs assessments in accordance with IRS guidelines. PRC was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

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